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Consulting Jobs This Week – #50

Here’s a roundup of some interesting consulting job opportunities for week #50 of 2014. Some are full time, others are contract work. Do you have some ideas for jobs you’d like to see? Drop me a line. Ditto if you have a job you’d like me to add. Management Consulting Accenture is looking for Financial […]

Breakup Staircase

5 Reasons to Fire a Consulting Client

It’s hard enough trying to drum up new consulting business, but it’s even harder when your existing client base sucks up your time, energy and resources. Keeping a problem child in your portfolio isn’t any good for your financial, professional or emotional well being. Every extra minute spent negotiating, rehashing or collecting costs you money. […]


Zeroing In On Your Target With Consulting Buyer Personas

This is the part where we peek inside your brain to see how much you really know about your business. If you read our intro post to content marketing and, learned the questions prospects ask during the buying process, you could just stop here and start brainstorming ideas for blog posts, case studies and other […]

The Clever Consultant Money Brain

Exactly How Clients Buy Consulting Services

The old adage in consulting is: clients prefer to buy and not to be sold to. That is, they don’t like feeling forced into making a decision. Rather, they’d prefer to get as much information as possible to determine which solutions and vendors will deliver the best results with the lowest risk. Clients like to […]


8 Great Blog Post Ideas for Consultants

There’s nothing scary about writing. It’s pretty easy actually. Just sit in a peaceful area, cozy up with your favorite writing program and spill your thoughts. Nothing to it. Still, most consultants get hung up on the getting started part. Everybody has writer’s block at some point but, it’s easily overcome. Here’s eight great posting […]