6 Questions to Define Your Value Proposition

Marketing efforts live or die based on value propositions. Yet, many consultants don’t spend the time or effort it takes to craft a strong and effective one…and then they wonder why their marketing falls flat.

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The importance of the value proposition shouldn’t be underestimated. Not only will a strong one communicate why a buyer should choose you, but it will also shape the decisions you make in terms of prospecting, marketing, budgeting, and other important business decisions.

So how can you go about defining the value you offer and crafting a winning proposition? Start by asking yourself the right questions, including:

Question #1: Who Are Your Target Clients?

In other words, who is your ideal client? Get specific with your answer, including the industry, size, location, types of challenges they face, etc.

Question #2: What Business Problems Do You Solve or Needs Do You Fill?

This is the meat of what you do. What kind of problems, hassles, challenges, and needs do you handle for your clients?

Question #3: Why is it Important to Solve the Problem?

For instance, if a problem or issue goes unsolved or ignored, will it result in having to pay large fines, losing key talent, or facing a decrease in revenue? Your value proposition needs to demonstrate why buyers need to solve the problem.

Question #4: How Do You Solve Problems?

Don’t just offer a laundry list of your services here. You need to position your services and approach in such a way that it’s within the context of the specific problem or problems you solve.

Question #5: Where’s the Proof?

Buyers are unlikely to just “take your word for it.” So you’ll need to showcase that you have a proven track record of solving similar problems and delivering positive results. You can do this through testimonials, case studies, and any other materials that can be used to support your claims.

Question #6: Why Are You Different?

What makes you different and/or better from your competition? In short, why should a buyer choose you? Answering this question will help you stand out in a crowded marketplace and persuade buyers to work with you.

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A strong value proposition needs to go beyond just services and methodologies. It should be the heart of your business and marketing strategy. It’s also the foundation for your business growth – helping you more effectively target potential buyers and attract new business.