Tips for Winning Your First Consulting Engagement

As a new consultant, your first engagement has huge implications. Once you win that initial piece of business, it legitimizes your offerings – and gives you both confidence and momentum (not to mention revenue). But getting there can be a challenge. To help you, here are a few tips to remember: Leverage Your Network To… Continue reading

Dealing With Client Amnesia

Imagine this scenario: You present an idea to a client and it goes nowhere. Months later, they tell you all about their “new” solution for streamlining processes, combatting turnover, or integrating new enterprise software into the daily workflow. And, surprise! It’s your idea from a few months ago. Your client just couldn’t remember where it… Continue reading

Keeping Your Consulting Clients Happy

Your clients look to you for more than just project work. They want to know what problem patterns you’ve seen in their company, challenges you think they’ll be facing in the short- and long-term, and new opportunities, trends, and technologies they should be taking advantage of (along with which to avoid). In short, they want… Continue reading

Common Networking Mistakes Consultants Make…and How to Avoid Them

Most consultants’ networking efforts go something like this: They attend an industry event, business cards in hand. They dispense a bunch, collect a bunch more, and then head home to wait for leads to come knocking. If this is your version of networking, then stop what you’re doing! Networking is all about building relationships –… Continue reading