Optimizing Your Consulting Content for SEO

Let’s not be fatalistic here. Failing to optimize your website for SEO shouldn’t make or break your consulting practice. After all, consulting is a relationship business and as long as you are publishing quality content, meeting prospects and generating referrals you should have a pretty good sales pipeline. Still, doing some SEO work can improve… Continue reading

The Worn-out Consultant’s Guide to SEO in 2014

Raise your hand if you’re fed up with the bazillion tweets and posts promising “SEO Secrets” like rubbing peanut butter on your blog to attract more readers from the myriad of “internet marketing enthusiasts”. Marketing a consulting business can be exhausting. Writing posts, finding images, researching keywords, getting on social networks…sometimes it feels like war… Continue reading

Twitter is Not Just About What You Ate for Lunch

I’m just going to come right out and say that some People of A Certain Age don’t “get” Twitter. Shockingly, that Certain Age seems to be 30 and older. If you just rolled your eyes when I said “Twitter,” and especially if you’re a consultant, then I’m talking to you. Social media has changed rapidly. The first… Continue reading