Accounting Mistakes Consultants Make: Not Retaining the Right Records

Keeping receipts and recording mileage sounds easy, in theory. And yet, according to Denise Neamon, partner at Gaines Kriner Elliott LLP, many sole proprietors and small business owners don’t do it. Some fail out of a lack of organization. Others simply aren’t informed. For example, “some business owners believe that if they’re audited, they can… Continue reading

Tips for Winning Your First Consulting Engagement

As a new consultant, your first engagement has huge implications. Once you win that initial piece of business, it legitimizes your offerings – and gives you both confidence and momentum (not to mention revenue). But getting there can be a challenge. To help you, here are a few tips to remember: Leverage Your Network To… Continue reading

Software for Consultants: FreshBooks for Accounting, Invoicing & Time Tracking

When it comes to accounting, invoicing, and time tracking software, there are many solutions to pick from – ranging from simple to quite complex. FreshBooks is one of the more intuitive options that falls under the “designed for small business owners, not accountants” category. There’s a lot you can do with it, but not so… Continue reading

Accounting 101: Questions to Ask Before Diving Into Solo Consulting

Starting a consulting business is exciting. It can also be incredibly scary: No salary, no employer-paid health insurance and retirement contributions. And there’s no guarantee you’ll succeed. Clearly the risks are big – but so are the potential rewards. You’ll have to ask yourself many questions before you dive into a project like this. It’s… Continue reading