Email Marketing is Cheap and Effective — Now You Need a Mailing List

Email marketing can help your consulting practice if you target the right people, and have enough attractive content to get them to sign up for mailings from you.

Email marketing is not spam, because your potential clients are opting in to receiving information from you. Plus, it’s inexpensive, and it helps deepen relationships with your existing customers, and also helps you convert those who may be on the fence about your services. 

If you’re going to send a newsletter, promotional messages, or automatically email out your blog posts, you’ll need a mailing list. Here are some ways to build a list. Are you doing all these things, or at least a few of them?

#1.  Add a signup form on your website and blog.

#2. Link to the signup form in your email signature, so everyone who gets an email from you has access to it.

#3. Include the link in any comments you post on industry forums or blogs.

#4. Sign people up at trade shows you participate in, or at public speaking engagements.

#5. A call to action:  Offer something of value to each prospect that signs up, such as a free white paper on a topic of interest. Do you have an e-book? Give some of it away — a few chapters or more — in exchange for an email address.

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