Exactly How Clients Buy Consulting Services

The old adage in consulting is: clients prefer to buy and not to be sold to. That is, they don’t like feeling forced into making a decision. Rather, they’d prefer to get as much information as possible to determine which solutions and vendors will deliver the best results with the lowest risk. Clients like to… Continue reading

8 Great Blog Post Ideas for Consultants

There’s nothing scary about writing. It’s pretty easy actually. Just sit in a peaceful area, cozy up with your favorite writing program and spill your thoughts. Nothing to it. Still, most consultants get hung up on the getting started part. Everybody has writer’s block at some point but, it’s easily overcome. Here’s eight great posting… Continue reading

Beginners Guide to Content Marketing for Consultants

The hype is real. Of all the internet marketing fads out there, content marketing is by far the single most important in generating demand for consulting businesses. That’s because it’s principles are intertwined with solution selling, and the “prove it to me” nature of the business.  It’s all about “bringing the meat” to convince the… Continue reading

Twitter is Not Just About What You Ate for Lunch

I’m just going to come right out and say that some People of A Certain Age don’t “get” Twitter. Shockingly, that Certain Age seems to be 30 and older. If you just rolled your eyes when I said “Twitter,” and especially if you’re a consultant, then I’m talking to you. Social media has changed rapidly. The first… Continue reading